Cisco CCNP Security Certification

Why Certify CCNP Security?
Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP Security) certification program is aligned specifically towards the job role in the Cisco Network Security Engineer responsible for Peace of mind in Routers, Switches, Networking devices and appliances, in addition to choosing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNS, and IDS/IPS solutions for networking environments.
Valid CCNA Security certification or any CCIE certification can become a prerequisite.
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To generate the Cisco CCNP security certification, you must pass the following exams:
Cisco 300-208 SISAS:-
This exam tests validates a network security engineer knowledge of the components and architecture of secure access by utilizing 802.1X and Cisco TrustSec, such as the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) architecture, solution, and components as a possible overall network threat mitigation and endpoint control solution.
300-208 SISAS exam topics-
? Identity Management/Secure Access- 33%
? Threat Defense- 10%
? Troubleshooting, Monitoring and Reporting Tools- 7%
? Threat Defense Architectures- 17%
? Identity Management Architectures- 33%
Cisco 300-206 SENSS:-
Cisco 300-206 SENSS exam validates the knowledge of the network security engineer to configure and implement security on Cisco network perimeter edge devices for instance a Cisco switch, Cisco router, or Cisco ASA firewall.

300-206 SENSS exam topics-
? Threat Defense- 25%
? Cisco Security Devices GUIs and Secured CLI Management- 25%
? Management Services on Cisco Devices- 12%
? Troubleshooting, Monitoring and Reporting Tools- 10%
? Threat Defense Architectures- 16%
? Security Components and Considerations- 12%
Cisco 300-209 SIMOS
Cisco 300-209 SIMOS exam tests a network security engineer for the number of virtual private network (VPN) solutions that Cisco has entirely on the Cisco ASA firewall and Cisco IOS Software platforms.
300-209 SIMOS exam topics-
? Secure Communications- 32%
? Troubleshooting, Monitoring and Reporting Tools- 38%
? Secure Communications Architectures- 30%
Cisco 300-210 SITCS
Cisco 300-210 SITCS exam tests a network security engineer on advanced firewall architecture and configuration together with the Cisco next-generation firewall, utilizing access and identity policies.
300-210 SITCS exam topics-
? Content Security- 27%
? Network Threat Defense- 22%
? Cisco FirePOWER Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS)- 20%
? Security Architectures- 17%
? Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Reporting Tools- 14%
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Cisco Professional-level certifications are valid for several years.
To recertify, pass One of several following prior to the certification expiration date:
? Pass any current 642-XXX Professional-level or any 300-XXX Professional-level exam, or
? Pass any current CCIE Written Exam, or
? Pass the actual CCDE Written Exam OR current CCDE Practical Exam, or
? Pass the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview As well as the CCAr board review to extend lower certifications.
Achieving or recertifying some of the certifications above automatically extends your active Associate and High end certification(s) until of expiration in the last certification achieved.
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